Why Liquor Stores?

A Win-Win for New York State

Fast and affordable access to the marketplace

With more than 2,000 wine and liquor stores from Buffalo to Montauk, we offer existing retail space with quick and cheap access to the market in every corner of the state. That means more tax revenue, and sooner, for the State to fulfill basic responsibilities and invest in the future of our neighborhoods.

Smart governance, less bureaucracy

Wine and liquor stores operate under a highly regulated system that can easily and reasonably be expanded to cover marijuana retail without building new bureaucracy that only serves to eat into the tax revenues the industry creates.

Reliable partners with a reputation New Yorkers trust

We have a proven track record of ensuring only responsible adults are buying our product. That’s a commitment to safety and the law we’ll apply to marijuana sales too. Plus, our stores are located exactly where the state recommends siting recreational marijuana outlets.

Supporting Main Street Economies

As marijuana legalization has expanded around the country, wine and liquor stores have seen sales decline. By supporting sales in our stores, you’ll be helping a bedrock industry of New York’s local economies stay in business.

A proven model

Recreational marijuana sales in wine and liquor stores is not without precedent. It’s proven successful elsewhere, such as in California, where experienced retailers have taken on marijuana sales with ease.

Albany won’t act without hearing from you. E-mail your state legislators and tell them to support recreational marijuana sales in wine and liquor stores today!