Nails include parts of the body that should not be left untouched. As for nail makeup, used kutek or nail polish that is applied evenly on the nail surface. There are many choices of kutek products sold freely in the market. One of them is the Implora brand kutek which offers many variant options. There is no need to think about Marshalova’s price, because Implora is thick with highend products labeled affordable prices. So which Implora cut is good?

Nails are a part of the body that continues to undergo cell regeneration. Therefore, in a short time, your nails will be seen to grow forward and longer. For some women, there is something missing when they leave their nails untouched with beautiful colors. This is where the use of nail polish is considered crucial. 

For the results of the use of nail polish itself is quite varied. If you want long -lasting results you can choose gel, clear, glitter, or matte results. Each of these results certainly has its own advantages that will be reviewed in other articles. Furthermore, this time Marsha Beauty invites you to review kutek products from Implora.

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Kutek Implora Product Recommendations, Unmatched Results

Here are the two best choices of Implora kutek that have been tested for quality, among them are as follows:

Implora Red Nail Polish

kutek Implora

Kutek red color is considered too bold and flashy. However, of course that’s just an assumption. Because the key is that you appear confident with the color chosen. The typical red color of Implora is suitable for attending formal events. Although in fact this color is still relatively safe for daily look as well.

Implora Red Nail Polish can be combined with other color variants from the Wonder Nail Polish series. The secret to healthy and beautiful nails is using local products. From the Implora Red Nail Polish variant, it is also known that there is a glitter variant for a more luxurious effect if you add it as a coat.

Implora Nudes Nail Polish

kutek Implora

The next recommendation, Implora Nudes Nail Polish comes in a nude color variant that can be customized for your skin color. For example, Implora Nude Nail Polish Number 06 with a dark brown accent is suitable for you dark skin owners. There are also interesting options for tanned skin such as matching Implora Nude Nail Polish Number 02.

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More options including nude colors 01 and 02 for white skin. Number 04 with a dark purple accent will give a deep nail bed. Meanwhile, for you, the owner of bright yellow skin color can use all the nude colors of Implora provided.

Implora Wonder Nail Polish

kutek Implora

Implora Wonder Nail Polish is formulated into 6 attractive color options. The six colors include green, tosca, purple, yellow, white, and even pink. Bright colors that you can then combine with daily outfits to look more cute. 

There is nothing wrong if on one occasion you try a more colorful style. That is, use all the colors available on your nails. Polished kutek on the thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger all have different colors. This style itself has become a trend among Korean women. Guaranteed maximum and satisfactory results.

Here are some choices of Implora kutek products along with recommendations for use. Choosing kutek cannot be original. Only if the skin color matches Marshalova’s skin color, then you can look enchanting.

By Drajad