Diesel Generator – for Home or Office Standby Use

There are two main types of diesel generators –

1. 3000rpm air-cooled
2. 1500rpm water-cooled

3000rpm Air-Cooled

This is the ideal home standby generator to keep the basics going in the event of a power cut. A popular choice is the DHY6000SELR.

They offer the following advantages:

– Low cost
– Light weight
– Compact
– Economical
– Automatic start available

1500rpm water-cooled diesel generators offer the following advantages:

– Low noise
– Economical
– Long life
– Low maintenance
– Automatic start available

For the basic home standby diesel generator, 5kw output is the minimum requirement. This will keep the basics running, such as PC, TV, fridge, freezer, kettle, vacuum cleaner etc. It is recommended to use just one of the larger items at a time to prevent overloading the generator.

In the event of a power failure the generator can be started in two ways – manually or with a remote transfer switch or automatic mains failure panel.

An ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) or AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) panel has the following sequence in the event of a powercut:

– Mains supply fails
– Generator starts
– Main contactor is switched from mains supply to generator supply
– Mains is monitored to check when mains supply resumes.

When power is reconnected:

– Supply is monitored to ensure stability
– Main contactor is switched from generator to mains supply
– Generator is switched off after three minutes.

Another option is to have a manual changeover switch with an on/off switch mounted next to it to remotely start the generator. So in the event of a power cut, you just flick the remote switch to start the generator then switch the changeover switch from mains to generator.

The manual changeovver switch is a lot cheaper and more compact thane the ATS.

1500rpm diesel generators typically start at around 10kva output and are ideal for large home standby or for small business standby generator. They are also suitable for sole power supply, being extremely durable and built to stand heavy use for long periods of time. Running at 1500rpm, the engine is very lightly stressed, quiet and economical. The difference between 3000rpm and 1500rpm diesel generators can be demonstrated by driving you car at 3000rpm in third gear, then changing directly to 5th gear, where the engines revs would be around 1500rpm. Running in 5th gear at 1500rpm, your car is economical, quiet and not stressed, whilst in third gear at 3000rpm, the noise level and fuel consumption are greatly increased.

Genset Pekanbaru-Several generators which are proving very popular for home standby use are the Stephill SSD10W and the Hyundai DHY9KSEm and DHY11KSEm. These are all slow running, quiet and economical diesel generators. All available in the UK from Genpower Ltd.