You have a plan to go on vacation to Bali with your family or your friends? Wanna find Bali villas for rent? Don’t worry. If you have not rent a villa yet, there are some guides for renting Villa in Bali that can help you to be professional tenant.

Contact the owner, management or villa’s marketing directly

You can contact the villa’s management to get complete information about the villa. You can ask about its facilities, hospitality, service, etc. Besides, you can get a good price by negotiate with them.

Ensuring the date

Before you rent a villa in Bali, you have to ensure your event date. It is important for knowing whether the villa had been rent or not. In addition, the date also affects price. The rental price will be high on certain days, for example in a Christmas and holiday. It happened because of high demand.

Ensuring the number of people

The other guide is ensuring the number of people. It is used to determine the number of rooms to be rented. Usually, one room is available for 2 people. But the children under 10 years old can share a bed with their parents. The number of rooms is directly proportional to the price.

Knowing Villa’s location

You have to know the villa’s location before you decide to rent it. Make sure you have known the location. If you don’t know Bali well, you can find the villa’s location on Google map.


The most important thing that you have prepared is budged. Well, most of villas in Bali are private villa. It means all of the facilities are provided for us. We don’t need to share the facility with other guest. In addition, the service in villa is good because all of the staffs are professional.

That’s all the information about guide for renting a villa in Bali. If you want to find Bali villas for rent, you can visit Bali Villas R Us to get complete information about rental Villa in Bali. Have a good vacation!

By arief